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KRS Murthy

Academic and R&D Leadership Profile

KRS Murthy

Academic and R&D Leadership Profile

I can deliver a seminar / webinar, conduct a one day or 40 hours workshop to executives. I have attached the brochure for your reference.
Holistic Business Effectiveness for Accelerated Corporate Growth
KRS Murthy

Do You Know the Value of Your Startup?

I have attached 3 photos of my talk / workshop with details of the event below.

Speaker: Dr. KRS Murthy, CEO, i3 Mergers & Acquisitions

Date and Time: Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014, 12:00 - 1:30 PM
Location: Hanhai Startup University, 97 E. Brokaw Rd., Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95112

Your mistake in valuation could ruin any conversation with potential investors and VCs! Doubt it? Watch any episode of Shark Tank. Thing is, valuation is a complicated process with multiple factors. Our presenter, Dr KRS Murthy, is an expert with many valuation studies under his belt.

Dr Murthy will explain how to combine factors into a holistic approach that yields superior accuracy and suitability for purpose. Don’t be walking around confused about your companies value! Attend this workshop at Hanhai to learn insider methods and process to make the evaluation process reliable and valid.

Corporate valuation methods depend on the size and stage of the company, the technology and market, geographical region of the nation or the world. Corporations could be valued for different purposes. The purpose of valuation varies for international purposes, angel or venture investments, growth investments from later stage venture investors or private equity investors, or even strategic investments by corporate investment funds.

Companies are valued during an exit like merger or acquisition by a buyer or going public. The seller may perform their own valuation to understand the elasticity of their company value, and to prepare for deal negotiation. The potential buyers will have a different perspective, primarily the value as seen from not only buying , and also strategic fit for the buyers' portfolio and also the resulting valuation of their own company after different acquisitions.

It is very important for the entrepreneurs to understand corporate valuations from a holistic perspective, and to apply the knowledge for valuation of their company.


Dr. KRS Murthy will give an overview of corporate valuations, to prime the minds of the attendees, so that they could potentially start thinking of their own company valuation, based on their company stage.

He also delivers talks, teach courses, deliver keynotes and conduct workshops.

Here are the topics and format options.:

Format Options

  1. Seminar Duration: 2 hours - Overview for Executives
  2. Workshop: One Day = 8 hours for Executives
  3. Extended Workshop for Executives of a Target Company: Five Days of 8 hours each = 40 hours

other countries also on the topics listed below:

You may also look at: , attached document and the titles listed below:

KRS Murthy's Series of Seminars, Courses andWorkshops

Holistic Business Effectiveness for Accelerated Corporate Growth

is one in a series on diverse set of topics in technologies, businesses and markets

and other technology, business and marketing topics. You may look at all topics and request your preferred topics. Examples topics are:

Technology and Industry Seminars, Courses & Workshops

Dr. KRS Murthy

  1. Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities, a Strategy and Futuristic Wisdom
  2. Mobility: Many Dimensions of Mobility, Following You 24X7 Everywhere
  3. Be Glad for Cloudy Days in this Decade:Technologies and Market Demands Fueling Clouds Everywhere
  4. Wireless Sensor Networks:Don’t Say Billions, Welcome to Trillions in Numbers and Dollars
  5. Internet of Every Things (IoET):Globally Everywhere; Land, Seas, Forests and Mountains
  6. Memory Revolution:Zetta Bytes of Storage, Opportunities that Challenge the Industry. Zetta is a Small Number!
  7. Nano and Micro Industry:Call to Scientists, Engineers, Manufacturers and Big Investors to Join Hands

Business, Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions Topics

Dr. KRS Murthy

  1. Strategic Alliances and Teaming: It is not just a good idea; it is the must to succeed
  2. Corporate ValuationDo you know the value of your company? Think holistically
  3. Entrepreneur: It is a Decathlon race. Are you fit? Do you have a multidimensional prowess?
  4. Competition is Everything: Who are your competitors? You can’t afford to be blind!
  5. Test Your Team Mates before Shaking Their Hand: Know your business partners really well
  6. Angels and Venture Capitalists: What do you need to know before taking the money?
  7. Focus on Core Values:Maximal leverage on strengths, partnering for everything else
  8. Business Fundraising Secrets - For New and on-going Businesses: Sources, Business Plans, Contracts, Hand Holding Advisory

Marketing, Sales & Business Development Topics

Dr. KRS Murthy

  1. Can a Shoe Salesman Sell Super Computers: Understand the Product/Service before selling
  2. Wise Event Marketing: Where, When and How of Expo, Booth and Product Showcasing
  3. Where and How to Advertise: Cost Effective Product, Service and Company Publicity
  4. Competitive Strategy: It is probably the most important corporate strategy; so master it
  5. Building Successful Teams: Right Experts = $: How do you build local, regional and international teams

International Business, Globalization, Global Supply Chain

Dr. KRS Murthy

  1. Preparations to Go Global: Opportunities, Risks, Preparations, Managing & Growth
  2. International Strategic Alliances: Leverage on various global skill sets & incentives
  3. Country Specific and Culture Specific Strategies: You may not be able to sell the same product / service blindly in all parts of the world. Customization is the Key to Globalization

About Our Invited Speaker: Dr. KRS Murthy

Dr. KRS Murthy is an international expert in accelerated corporate growth, M&A and corporategovernance, with a track record of some of the high profile M&A in USA. He is known for award winning and fastest growing companies in USA. He was a professor of five departments in universities at the same time. He is also th founder/advisor to universities in USA, and advisor to universities in different parts of the world. He has delivered over 150 keynotes in international conferences in various parts of the globe. He has led business units of few Fortune 50 companies.

You may read about me in the links below:

Dr. KRS Murthy




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